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Ultra 7 Ultra-Soft Jelly Shell Waterproof 6.5" Vibrating Penis - click to view

Smooth or textured, large or small with variable speeds and functions. Find one that suits you perfectly ... or find three!

Simple & True 7" Indigo Penis Shaped Glass Dong - click to view

Dildos and dongs in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures to suit virtually any taste.

Finger Fun Unisex Waterproof 3-Speed Stimulator - click to view
Compact Massagers

Handy and discreet toys for clitoral stimulation compact massagers are fun alone or with your partner.

Gizmo Dual Multi-Speed Vibrating Silver Bullets - click to view

A toy collection is never complete without a bullet or egg. Variable speeds and strong vibrations characterize these stimulators.

Ben Wa Balls - click to view

Ben Wa balls and Duotone balls create a subtle stimulation meant to tease and stimulate.

Butterfly Kiss Waterproof 3 Speed Vibrator - click to view

Unique variations of classic sex toys like vibrators, bullets and dongs but with a twist that makes them remarkable.

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