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White Nights Pleasure Kit with Velvet Touch

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The White Nights Pleasure Kit box set is an incredible steal and would retail for over $100 dollars if purchased as individual products. Each toy is coated in Doc Johnson's amazing "Velvet Touch" material. All three of these gems need to be felt to be truly appreciated.

The 7" vibrator is a white version of the insanely popular pink Naughty Secrets 7" Velvet Touch Vibrator, while the Pocket Rocket is a white version of the equally popular pink Naughty Secrets Velvet Touch Pocket Rocket.

The vibrating egg is covered in the same fantastic Velvet Touch material as the other toys, has 4 powerful speeds, packs a ton of power and would retail for around $40 dollars by itself.

Waterproof and silky to the touch, all three of these toys are sure to please and the included bottle of massage oil is a nice addition to an already fantastic deal.

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